In today's world, analyzing big data, understanding the Internet of Things or utilizing cloud computing have gained huge significance and a priority to develop our businesses. However, we should never forget that people are value creators and their welfare is the priority of an  organization. So, it is a must to understand either people working next to you or the ones you want to market. Here is a small part of my consumer behaviour research to understand the relationship between sustainability and fashion. I believe managing motivation isn't just crucial for the industry I work in but also a tool of strength to cope with uncertain times that we are living through.

To accomplish sustainability in the fashion industry, our aim shouldn't be just focused on finding new non harmful materials but also using the existing ones economically. Therefore, the future of the fashion business might depend on the hands of 3D designers and the manufacturers who have machines that are integrated with those programmes.

A highlight is the seamless machines, which are used for basic designs and usually one colour garments. The beginning of seamless technology gives hope for integration of 3D printing technologies into fashion. This would result in immense retrenchment in material and energy use. However, it would likely happen for labour too which is a huge problem for blue collar workers.