Confucius once said; "Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand". A remarkable sustainability example from our brother industry. Such goals can be accomplished only by collaboration and teamwork. The first step would be to build a community of people that shares the same vision. This must be executed internally and externally by raising awareness (Education and Leadership) and implementing incentives (Investment Opportunity and Financial Support). Hence, a vision for a better future should not be a focus on long-term business growth but GOOD FAITH and TRUST.

The inconvenient truth about the 'sustainable future' concept is that no matter how much we recycle or find better materials, in the end, we should consume LESS. Having good intentions is not enough to build a better future. So, we have to be smart and innovative. In this case, cross-industry teams (Diversity and Collaboration) were successful. It is a remarkable example of how to execute a sustainable initiative; cost-saving, stylish and novel.

Similar to many consumer goods industries, fashion is not solely about the product but the added-values to enhance the brand image, such as the packaging. In the sustainability context, sustainable alternatives for packaging are thriving within the past few years. As an individual in this industry, I give my full support for this initiative. What makes fashion destructive for the environment isn't only the product itself but the packaging too. On the other hand, sustainable packaging must be made affordable so the textile producers can move towards sustainable packaging.