Materials and Production

We use better cotton in our t-shirts, polo’s sweatshirts and hoodies. Better Cotton is regulated by Better Cotton Initiative (B.C.I), an organisation that aims to build a whole supply chain that is regulated. Certification reassures the product is made responsibly considering the welfare of workers industry from plantations to factories. B.C.I also provides education on efficient water usage in cotton fields and prevents usage of harmful chemicals. We aim to use the most recent rising materials such as Kapok, EcoVero and upcoming many others. 

We use linen and cotton blends in our shirts. Linen is a fibre known for it is durability and quality. Over the years, the production processes of linen yarns have been more expensive; therefore, the yarn has been more visualised as luxurious. Besides, compared to cotton, linen is more durable, lasts longer and has more strength in case of any instant stretch. As Regreso Team, we want timeless products, so we aim to produce products with a long lifecycle.  Also, linen is much more prefered in high-temperature seasons and places. 

Accessories: Our products involve two different accessories; buttons and etiquettes. Buttons are sourced from various places  and distributed in Istanbul. The raw material for the buttons are coconuts which are gathered from Coconut Trees that are audited. Coconuts can be used besides their edible parts. With this, we reduce waste and ease the products’ biodegredability. The shells are durable and when they are polished a natural pattern occurs. We use etiquettes made from woven organic cotton satin. For embroidery, we use viscose yarns since they're made from tree pulps which are biodegradable.

Dyeing: The dyeing facility we work with consists of the certifications of GRS, Oeko-Tex, GOTS and other quality affirmation documents. The water usage is 70% recycled in the facilities where the waste is reduced likewise. 

Local manufacturing low emissions

Yarns for the products are sourced locally. So, we decrease our Carbon Emissions to minimum levels by reducing transportation of the raw materials. Our collaborating vertical fabric mill can produce fabrics and garments in-house, and the dyeing facilities we use are within a mile range. We reassure any textile process by checking audits of facilities and certifications. 

Responsible Consumption and Production;

We are promoting a conscious lifestyle, so we use Better Cotton Certificates in our products.

As Regreso Team, the objective is to create fashion designs that balance minimalism that involves timeless slow fashion concepts with the abundance of fashionability as known.   

Partnerships for the Goals; We collaborated with a vertically integrated fabric mill that has specialised in knitted garments and fabrics. The partnership aims to develop better textiles for the environment that will not cause harm. The quality comes from the know-how of our fabric provider. With this knowledge, we are aiming to produce timeless fabrics that can be suitable for all seasons. 

Life on Land; We would like to improve the welfare of wildlife by using organic materials and minimum chemical dyeing processes. We believe an improvement in life on land will result in the improved well-being of people. 


Social Equality

The Regreso Pledge