Our Philosophy

Our mission: is to deliver attractive products while providing benefits for the world. 

Our vision: is to build a community of people regardless of their socio-economic status that fosters their society while being classy. 


Philosophy: At the base, we determined a philosophy that includes; virtue, trust, good faith, benevolence and charm.   

  • This philosophy and understanding are built by our childhood home Princess Islands. A place where people with different religious, social and financial backgrounds live in peace where it is surrounded with natural and historical beauty. We want to introduce this lifestyle to you and the world. 


Founders Eli Kohen and Albi Bardavit carry British and Italian backgrounds, combining both perspectives to build a sustainable business. We are two young entrepreneurs that aim to make a difference in the world. We noticed that the current and the future’s most significant problem is environmental pollution and inequality and decided to do something about it.