Social Equality

Gender Equality; As Regreso Team, our philosophy supports slow and timelessness in fashion. This philosophy also brings more common points for men and women clothing. We believe men and women can wear the same clothes, so we give our best efforts to design patterns and colours that fit the gusto of both genders. 

Decent Work and Economic Growth; We provide decent working conditions for our employees and we also do work with companies that do the same. 


Contribution to Future Generations’ Livelihood

As the Regreso Team, we believe the best way to build a sustainable future is to raise awareness and increase individuals’ educational levels. So, as an organisation, we decided to support TOCEV in order to contribute to children's education and build good faith for our future generations. TOCEV is a non-governmental establishment that aims to make partnerships for children in need.



Materials and Production

The Regreso Pledge